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The world's leading online fitness coaching service

Every month plenty of satisfied clients reach their goals thanks to our service. Discover why:


All the coaches of our service are experienced personal trainers and nutritionists with certification.
You can constantly stay in contact with them, talk to them and give them your feedback.
Every coach is very well prepared, flexible and multilingual.


When you are client of an online service communication is the key: the constant communication
is done by our TotalCoaching™ platform, by Skype, Facetime, Whatsup … you name it and it is at the base of our online personal training service.


Thanks to our co-operation with the leading coaching platform TotalCoaching™ all our clients have free access to the exclusive app where they will receive directly on the smartphone, tablet and/or computer their work-out plans (with accurate animations) and their diet plans.


Do you know that a single session with a trainer at the gym can cost up to 100$ p/hour?
Do you know that our cheapest package costs less than 40$ p/month?
Plus you will have also a solid nutrition support. You don’t need to be a scientist to do the math!

We have plenty of solutions tailor made for your needs: check them out!

The most popular online personal training system

Online Personal Trainer Fitness is the world's leader online fitness coaching system used by any kind of person: people that want to be fit, actors, athletes, fitness models, bodybuilders and stuntmen such us Ivano Cheers:

Ivano Cheers uses Online Personal Trainer Fitness to prepare his movies

meet ivano cheers

Ivano Cheers is a popular Stunt Double, Stuntman and Actor with several blockbuster movies under his belt; he's well known for the physicality of his roles and his ability to transform his athletic body depending from the character he plays. Ivano prepares himself using our system and he's a devoted client of OnlinePersonalTrainer.Fitness. His preparations are followed by our trainers: the same ones that will take care of YOU!

An Online Fitness Coaching service custom made on your needs

Pick the package that suits you better and you'll be reached out by our operator who will understand your needs; at that point you'll be assigned to one of our REAL CERTIFIED TRAINERS who will contact you via Skype/Google Hangout/FaceTime/WhatsApp (you name it) and your paid month will start ONLY once we will start to work with you effectively.

$ 59.99 p/month

$ 109.99 p/month

$ 159.99 p/month

$ 349.99 p/month

$ 129.99 p/month

$ 39.99 p/month

$ 149.99 p/month

from $ 169.99 one time fee


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