June 2, 2016

About Us

What is onlinepersonaltrainer.fitness?

We are the definitive online personal training service, we are a team of professional trainers who wants to bring to another level the relation between Online Trainers and Clients.
The majority of the online training services offers Pre-Made Programs and periodic automatic emails to communicate with their clients: we offer you real trainers, real nutritionists that will stay in close contact with you and will guide you to your goals.

Our co-operation with Total Coaching (the best online training platform to date) allows us to be always with you: via computer or via the free app for smartphones you can constantly monitor your training programs (with animations and video examples), your diet plans, messaging your coach and giving live feedback of every workout.


We are real and your goals become our goals

And you will reach your goals at a very low price! Real personal trainers may cost you up to 100$ p/hour! Our programs start for less than 40$ p/month and you will get better freedom and more results, because our motto is:



meet ivano cheers
Ivano Cheers is a popular Stunt Double, Stuntman and Actor with several blockbuster movies under his belt; he’s well known for the physicality of his roles and his ability to transform his athletic body depending from the character he plays. Ivano prepares himself using our system and he’s a devoted client of OnlinePersonalTrainer.Fitness. His preparations are followed by our trainers: the same ones that will take care of YOU!
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