How to become a Personal Trainer

Turning the passion into a profession is something that not everybody is able to attain. Doing what you love makes the job easy and enjoyable. There are some fields that do not require any specific qualification or a degree to apply. However, many of the professional fields demand a certified degree to keep the occupation’s[…] News

Ladies and Gentlemen we are proud to tell you that Online Personal Trainer .fitness is back live and fully functional with many many news. We have been a bit off the radar for several reasons: – Improve the service – Add new packages like the Vegan Package or the Injury Recovery Package – Add new[…]

The injury itself

In this blog I want to document, to keep a journal from now on all the steps for my recovery. Let’s explain the injury itself: a bit before Christmas a stunt movement went wrong and I landed on my back. Despite the huge hit I didn’t have any heavy issues right after and in a[…]

Water Retention Discussion

Water Retention is one of the most discussed things in gyms and fitness environments. As a matter of fact many people always question why they hold water, how they can get rid of it and they even wonder what water retention is. In this video, I was driving to Tampa FL to train at the[…]

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