Let’s be honest … how many time did you ask or you’ve been asked: “what supplements do you take?” or “what are the best supplements?” The truth is that supplements are not magic pills, they won’t transform your body in a gladiator’s body, they won’t make you lose fat in a blink and they are[…]

How to get a six pack

The dream of every unfit person approaching a gym: the six pack! The abs showing! The gods physique! Unfortunately no matter how many crunches you perform at the gym: abs will show only with a good diet: that’s the real secret of getting a six pack! The following video explains better “How to get a[…]

Everybody is different!

Brand new video from the FITNESS CHEERS YOUTUBE channel: everybody is different ! In fact everybody is different, in fitness and in life. What works for me might not work for you, an exercise can be great for you and terrible for me … why? Because Everybody is different! Kindly like the video, share it[…]

40% off on all our packages

Following up our Facebook Campaign from today till August the 14th you can buy our packages with 40% off. Redeem the coupon “FACEBOOK40” at the check-out. Go to our plans-info page, subscribe your email and choose your favorite package. Once you check out use “FACEBOOK40” and you will pay 40% less. Offer available till the[…]

Online Personal Trainer by Fitness Cheers is Live

Hi Everybody. We finally made it. In six months we created the biggest One to One Personal Training Company of the Caribbeans (Fitness Cheers Training) and now after just half year we are ready to go worldwide. It took time and effort: assembling the best crew around the world, preparing websites, programs, meetings after meetings,[…]

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