Water Retention Discussion

Water Retention is one of the most discussed things in gyms and fitness environments. As a matter of fact many people always question why they hold water, how they can get rid of it and they even wonder what water retention is. In this video, I was driving to Tampa FL to train at the[…]


Let’s be honest … how many time did you ask or you’ve been asked: “what supplements do you take?” or “what are the best supplements?” The truth is that supplements are not magic pills, they won’t transform your body in a gladiator’s body, they won’t make you lose fat in a blink and they are[…]

How to get a six pack

The dream of every unfit person approaching a gym: the six pack! The abs showing! The gods physique! Unfortunately no matter how many crunches you perform at the gym: abs will show only with a good diet: that’s the real secret of getting a six pack! The following video explains better “How to get a[…]

Everybody is different!

Brand new video from the FITNESS CHEERS YOUTUBE channel: everybody is different ! In fact everybody is different, in fitness and in life. What works for me might not work for you, an exercise can be great for you and terrible for me … why? Because Everybody is different! Kindly like the video, share it[…]

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