July 14, 2016

More Info about online personal training

The Online Personal Training Service of Fitness Cheers is one of the leading services of the world which provides help, special attention and dedication in order for our clients to reach their fitness goals.

become-a-PTWe recruited a crew of qualified and certified personal trainers coming all over the world in order to give our clients the best possible service of online training in their native language.
Ivano Cheers, frontman of onlinepersonaltrainer.fitness, has more than 15 years of experience in Blockbuster movies, in fitness and training and uses our trainers to prepare himself.



Why we get better results?

Complete-Fitness_1. Because we spend plenty of time to find the right trainers and to instruct them properly
. Because everybody here works hard toward the goals of the clients: your goal is our goal too
. Because we are reliable and effective: statistically more than 98% of our clients reach their goal within the right time
. Because our clients are excited to work with us: we provide constant support 24/7, we use emails/skype/facetime/whatsup (you name it!) to stay in contact with our clients and give them the best possible experience!
. More over we co-operate with the world’s leading personal training platform TOTAL COACHING, our clients get directly on their computer, tablet or smartphone (thanks to a free to download app) our training programs (complete with animations and videos of the exercises) and our meal plans.


How it works?

phone-icon-thUpon signup you will reached out within 24h by one of our operators who will understand your needs and will assign you to the best trainer for your goals.
A first Skype call (but can be also FaceTime or any video-call service) will be planned where you get to know better your trainer and your trainer gets to know you, your needs and especially your goals. Your account on our platform will be created live during this initial call.


mobile_phone_click_smallOnce your account has been created you will get your own access to our Clients Login Area which is reachable by any device with an internet connection.
To make everything easier and fancier you may download our app (Android and iPhone) in order to stay constantly connected with us and with our platform.


in15_icon2At this point within 24h you will receive on your account built-in in our platform your training program tailor made around your needs. You will get videos and animations of the exercises you have to perform. The platform will allow you to stay constantly in communication with your trainer (and the way around) and you will receive an email notification every time there is a new communication or something new in your program/account.


Catering-Restaurant-iconIf needed or requested along the training program you will receive also your first meal plan complete with macro-nutrients breakdown, explanations and example of menu. Your meal plan, as well as the training program, will change as your body changes.


book-icon-78900Our platform will give you access to a huge library of exercises animations, videos and tutorials in order for you to perform the exercise in the best way possible. If a video is not enough and if you have dubs or questions you can always contact your trainer 24/7 and he’ll be glad to answer to all of your questions.


gearAs your physique changes, improves and evolves also our program and our service will change according to your new needs. Other Skype calls will follow up, other training programs will be made for you and other diets will be prepared. Periodically there will be a control of your physique, of your stats and your numbers in order to monitor your journey.


We have four different packages for your needs.
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