The injury itself

In this blog I want to document, to keep a journal from now on all the steps for my recovery.

Let’s explain the injury itself: a bit before Christmas a stunt movement went wrong and I landed on my back. Despite the huge hit I didn’t have any heavy issues right after and in a couple of days I started to train again. I was about 200lb. quite lean.
Few days after (the day before Christmas) the crack happened: I woke up completely stiff, I couldn’t move my head and my left arm was totally numb and weak.

Long story short I had to stop training at all, I had to cancel few shootings, and I started to visit all the “best” experts of my area … obviously without any success.

In three months I’ve been roaming around the world and I was lucky enough to be operated by the best surgeons of the world. My neck was broken in three points, my discs where all messed up and I not even start to mention all the point of my diagnosis.

But let’s not do any drama: I wanna get back where I was and stronger than ever.

FROM NOW ON I will update you on how I feel and on the therapies and cures I’m doing till the day I will be able to get back lifting.

Thank you all for the support and follow my Instagram and Facebook for other updates.

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