Update week 1: 3rd of April 2017

After roaming around the world to cure myself since I got injured (more than 3 months ago) I’m finally back home: in Curacao.

MY CONDITION: At the moment the pain is under control (used to be agonizing, no kidding), the mobility of my head is improving and I still have the left side muscles of my back very contracted (to compensate the lack of strength of my left side).
. My right arm/hand is totally recovered.
. My left arm is a bit weak, mobility is 70% and my hand is numb (especially the first 3 fingers)
I’m now around 175lb, 25lb less than the day of my injury and slightly fatter.

MEDICATIONS: Despite the fact that I’m on a cortisone cycle and other heavy meds, I’m starting now to decrease the number of medicines I’m taking. Doctors are monitoring me very well and I trust them blindly. Most of the time I wear a cervical brace: I have several kinds from a very soft one to a very rigid one. I must sleep with the brace as well and sleeping is VERY important for my recovery: if I get issues to fall asleep I use melatonine and if the problem persists I might use a pill of Ambien (10mg) or 5m of Diazapam because sleeping for me is too important.

. This week I have two sessions of physiotherapy. The day after I’m always in pain 🙁
. Every day I do 15mins of targeted electro stimulations
. Posture exercises to acquire better range of motion of my neck, every day
. Pneumatic cervical traction with a proper tool: 3 times per day 10mins each.
. CARDIO: till few weeks ago was impossible to me even to walk. Now I can have 20-30mins of quiet walking in the park with my dog. Looking forward to do more also to lose some fat.
. Pool exercises: we cannot call it yet water gym but I spend every day 30mins in the pool trying to stimulate my nerves and my muscles in the water

DIET: Before I got injured I was 200lb lean and I was eating a maintenance calorie intake of about 4000 cal. Now I’m down 25lb and I’m definitely fatter and bloated because of the medicine … let’s say I’ve been in a better shape!
I’m not counting macros right now but I’m not eating junk at all, I try to eat more proteins than carbs to preserve my small muscles (always smaller!) and only healthy fats. Eating plenty of greens also to detox myself from all the medicines I must take.
The GOAL is to get leaner and to waste muscle no more in order to be ready to lean bulk once I’m recovered.

By the way, I just uploaded a youtube video on my channel about my injury:

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