Update week 2: 12th of April 2017

Calves – yoga – strength: what do these three have in common? Apparently not a lot but is what I’m adding in these days in my recovery plan! I started again to train calves (the most far away muscle from my neck 🙂 ), I started to do very basic yoga and I increased the strength in any kind of thing I was already doing (such us gym in the water).

MY CONDITION: pain in getting better, is not just that I can control it well but my neck is almost pain free in almost any position unless I really force it. As I said the the week 1 blog my right arm is ok and generally speaking my strength is getting better and better.
– My left hand is still numb, no changes and sometimes is still tingling. With the therapist we run a test and the strength in my left arm is getting better, left and right side are almost even now.
I’m still around 170 pounds but I look fuller due to the intensification of the training and the diet.

MEDICATIONS: the cortisone cycle is over (for now at least) and it seems have been beneficial. The amount of medicines is really decreased and we run a test 3 days off meds and I wasn’t in too bad shape. Slowly I’m taping down everything. I don’t need the cervical brace anymore unless I’m doing physical activity and I just use the softer one. To be sure I can have plenty of sleep if needed I still use melatonine and eventually Diazepam and Ambien.

– Two to three times a week of physiotherapy
– Beside the normal back electro stimulation I started yesterday with nerve stimulation as well (on my left arm)
– Posture exercises to acquire better range of motion of my neck, every day
– Pneumatic cervical traction with a proper tool: 2 times per day 10mins each
CARDIO: finally I can do a better cardio: stationary bike, rower, elliptic and walking the dog in the park 🙂
Pool exercises: keep doing my pool exercises but everything gets stronger, it’s becoming more like a water gym session + swimming, rather than water therapy.
Yoga: very basic sessions of yoga every day. At the moment I’m practicing the basic poses by myslef but soon I’ll hire someone to coach me. In three month I got terribly stiff!
– Calves: since I can’t lift weights yet I want to do something that reminds me the feeling so I train my calves every day with body-weight exercises
– SOON I will start to to specific exercises like ketterbell swings and power training with elastic bands

DIET: The previous weeks I almost starved myself just to avoid to blow while on cortisone and to burn the extra fat. Now due to the fact I’m training a bit harder and more I can eat more calories. I will intake these calories from carbs to restore my glycogen storage and slowly slowly I’m filling out again.

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